Consultation and Professional Services

Dr. Lani Leary is available for individual, family, and professional consultation by scheduling an appointment.

Topics frequently discussed:

  • Issues related to end-of-life care and decision-making
    • Signs and symptoms of distress and how to respond
    • How to talk about emotional, physical, & spiritual needs
    • How to advocate for the best care possible
    • Options such as hospice, palliative care, respite care
    • How to know when death is near and how to help
  • Challenges and needs of the caregiver
    • Caregiver burnout and boundaries
    • Negotiating roles within the family
    • Options and alternative perspectives for care
  • Needs and concerns of the family and children during illness and through bereavement;
    • How to explain illness, the dying process, and death to children of different ages
    • Should I let my child participate in the care of a dying elder?
    • How to help a child who is grieving
  • Complicated grief issues
    • The difference between healthy and problematic grieving
    • Multicultural differences
    • Appropriate responses and interventions
  • Professional mentoring for therapists and clinicians on approaches to be more effective
    • Assessment
    • Interventions and tools for appropriate care
    • Self reflection and personal awareness for professional development
    • Debriefing difficult cases

Appointments are available via phone or Skype.  If you have questions about services, or other engagement opportunities, feel free to contact me via email at lanileary (at) and tell me that you found me on my website.