Online Appearances

You can always make an appointment to meet me by emailing at lanileary (at) msn (dot) com and tell me that you found me on my website.

Lani has the privilege of sharing her work all around the world and all over the world wide web. Here are a few of the places that Lani’s work has been featured online.

Video features interview, Oct 24 2012

AM Northwest Interview in Portland, Oregon, May 31 2012

Written features

Death should not be unspeakable, Honolulu Weekly, May 30, 2012

Teaching compassionate caregiving, Publishers Weekly, May 23 2012

New Spirit Journal, May 2012 issue

My deathbed second thoughts, The Salon, April 22 2012

Audio interviews

Affirmative Prayer: Activating the Power of Yes:, December 17

Interview with Meria Heller, July 11 2012

Interview with Rob McConnell of the X Zone, May 2012

Lani Leary Interview with Dr. Alvin Jones, April 10 2012

Dresser After Dark podcast, April 24 2012

Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes, April 2012

Hawaii Public Radio – The Conversation, April 2012

5 thoughts on “Online Appearances

  1. Colin Dicks

    Dear Dr Leary. Thank you for your inspirational speech on TEDX. I was delighted to hear your speech. It resonates with my work on trying to change the way the world thinks about death and dying. I thank you for your time.
    Kind regards. Colin Dicks

    1. drlanileary Post author

      Thank you, Colin, for your support and for your work. If you are out in the world practicing a different way of being-with-death and modeling it for others, you will show others the way and that it is possible. Less talk, more being! And even if it is one person at a time, there is a ripple effect through families, then communities, etc. There is so much we can do to be the compassion, empathy, and connection that the dying need. I’m grateful you are out there being that force.

  2. Rhonda Spoula/Iris Dionne

    Dear Lani,
    Purchased your book for my mom and we are going through it after the loss of my dad from melanoma. It is very comforting reading about your journey with the loss of your mom and knowing that heaven is a place my dad can be pain free again with love around him. Thank you, The Dionne Family

    1. drlanileary Post author

      Dear Dionne Family,
      My condolences as you experience the “dark night of the soul” and work through your pain after your dad’s death. If you could know that he is healed, whole, and continues to love you…would it soften your grief? If you could hear from him that death does not separate you, and living is all about love, would you feel him close to you? See my presentation at the NY Academy of Science on “Confronting Death”: and hope that supports your grief. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Marina

    Dear Lani
    I love how you present your work. The deeper part of you shines through. Thank you. I would like to say that if you ever plan to visit England, UK I wonder if you’d consider presenting a workshop or talk? I would love to be the organiser! I am in the Midlands in England and find it frustrating that so many of our wonderful spritual teachers from overseas only present in London. I’d be delighted to talk to you if you would like to present your inspirational work in England. With appreciation and gratitude, Marina


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