My new book reviewed by Publishers Weekly

This is kind of huge for me. It’s a big deal that Publishers Weekly reviews a book, and their weekly review of new books just came out…including mine! Here it is:

Leary, a psychotherapist and professor of death studies, has written an extraordinarily clear-eyed and helpful guide for those who must care for a dying loved one, an almost unavoidable and challenging situation. Leary brings both the personal experience of her parents’ deaths—two very different situations at different times in her life—as well as two and a half decades’ professional experience working with the dying and the bereaved. Caregivers almost always begin the journey of caregiving not knowing what to do or say; Leary offers both information and comfort for them. Half the book deals with caregiving for the dying, and the second part concerns itself with the bereavement process; several appendixes list varieties of resources. Leary respects both the patterns within and the uniqueness of the processes of letting go and grieving. She provides a public service; this book is strongly recommended for libraries. (Apr.) (via Publishers Weekly)

My book No One Has to Die Alone: Preparing for a Meaningful Death is available April 10th. You can read more about it and pre-order your copy on the “her new book” page of this website.

3 thoughts on “My new book reviewed by Publishers Weekly

  1. Jake Dilloway

    Well there you go…never had a doubt it would be a huge success from the first day you told me about it….we are all so proud of you!!!!


  2. Marilyn Cade

    I’m not surprised because knowing you, I knew it would be a huge success . . . I’m ‘thrilled’ for you and very proud!


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