Lani’s Talk at TEDxHonolulu

I’m excited to share my TED Talk from TEDxHonolulu:

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Aloha, Lani.

3 thoughts on “Lani’s Talk at TEDxHonolulu

  1. Don mAcDonagh

    Thank you Lani.
    A beautiful description of what the dying have taught you, coming straight from your heart.
    I have recently listened to Healing Hands from Sounds True. I work in the medical field and find your presentation fascinating.
    Thank you,
    Don MacDonagh

  2. Dawn Shaw

    Would love to share my story with someone . I believe that I had a near death experience and had to share it with my recently departed mother in law. I told her I thought it was a dream and she believed that I had died during my sleep. I too remember not wanting to come back or to go back to sleep to wherever I was. My mother died when I was ten and I never knew my father I being an only child was left at the mercy of my relatives who couldn’t decide where I was to go. Well to get this story ended would take awhile so please feel free to email me or ask any questions you may have for research

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